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Efield Pipe Fittings Slip-tight Copper Pipe Fittings

PEX - B floor heating pipe system, the use of the second generation of silane crosslinking technology innovation, use advanced two steps process is complete, the stability of the unique molecular structure of 3 d mesh, with excellent creep resistance and heat resistance, compression performance, cost-effective. Special crosslinking technology and molecular structure, and makes the PEX PEX compared - B - A in rigidity, creep resistance and better long-term performance.

PEX - B heating pipe system characteristics

■ Oxygen permeability of extrusion coating - poly (vinyl alcohol) (EVOH) is the most effective, oxygen permeation resistance materials, accord with the related provisions on German DIN4726 standard, can prevent oxygen infiltration, ensure system and pipe from corrosion;
■ Tube surface is very smooth, when conveying liquid pressure loss is small, not easily furring.
■ Due to the low electrical conductivity of tubing, for both the basic and acidic solution, can electrochemical corrosion resistance, long service life;
■ DOUBLEPEX tube has a strong toughness, bending can be arbitrary trajectory, the need for pipe connection, convenient installation, reduce installation cost, reduce leakage;
■ Pipe in chemical composition does not contain black metal, does not conduct electricity, good insulation;
■ Production standard: UNEENISO22.391

Efiled Pipe Fittings Slip-tight Copper Pipe Fittings

Heat-resistant polyethylene (PE - RT), with ethylene as main material and the new olefin copolymerization and become, in the main chain of the ethylene linear with controllable branch, thus greatly improve the performance of heat and pressure, because of its production process without crosslinking post-processing, finished products are more reliable material. In the developed countries in Europe and the us - RT PE resin pipe production enterprises in the application of more than 20 years history. Through continuous improvement and innovation, make its have excellent long-term static pressure resistance, high temperature resistant performance and become popular in Europe and the us of a new generation of heating pipe system.

PE - RT heating pipe system features:

1、Good stability and long-term compression performance
For good tube homogeneity, stable performance, good thermal creep resistance, good long-term static hydraulic resistance ability;
2、Pipe is easy to bend, convenient construction
Small bending radius (R = minimum 5 d), the bending part of the stress relaxation can quickly get, can avoid in the process of use due to stress concentration in bend pipe damage. - RT PE pipe hot melt connection, thus pipeline if damaged in the process of application of convenient maintenance.
3、Good shock resistance, high security
Low temperature brittleness temperature can reach 70 degrees, can transport in low temperature environment, construction;
4、Ageing resistance, long service life
Due to the good qualities of PE - RT materials, the working temperature is 70 ℃, pressure is 0.8 MPa, under the condition of PE - RT tube is safe to use more than 50 years.
5、Processing is convenient, easy to control quality
6、Waste tube can be melt, recycled

German lollard characteristic advantage

■ National building materials test center         ■ All use kohnstamm''s raw materials
■ Vacuum experiments, drawing resistance test         ■ Circulating pressure impact test
■ 8760 h thermal stability test               ■ 5000 times of hot and cold cycle experiment
■ More than 70% of crosslinking

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